Review of 2019 AGM

Held at Dereham’s Meeting Point on 17th October 2019, this year's AGM attracted 22 Members of the Society.

The Chairman’s report highlighted the Society's events and activities for the past year, which included two garden visits, the Summer Show and the launch of a new website. The committee has also engaged in a membership recruitment drive. This year's events and Summer Show had seen less attendees than in former years, and this has led the Committee to have a re-think about what events and activities the Society should be concentrating on going forward. The Chairman suggested that a special EGM could be held in the New Year, at which members could have a focus group type meeting to determine what DDAGS Members would like to see the Committee focussing its efforts on and that would also offer more opportunities for people to participate.

The Treasurer reported that the Society's finances were in good order and has been able to allocate funds from reserve to cover the costs of the new marketing material and website. DDAGS main sources of income are from Membership fees, sales through the seed scheme and small amounts from sales of refreshments at events. The Society's costs are Membership of Affiliated Societies, putting on events and website + administration.

The Secretary reported that the Society had 47 members for the year November 2018 – October 2019, with 5 new members joining as a result of the membership drive. The Society also has 5 Affiliate Member Groups, enabling a much larger web of influence beyond the immediate membership. Two amendments to the Constitution were proposed (and supported by the AGM) – firstly to allow the Committee to operate with only three Members and for Committee members to hold more than one position and secondly to allow the Society to Affiliate to other organisations by show of hands at the AGM.

The following Officers were duly elected :

Ann Bowyer was elected to the positions of Chairman and Treasurer for one further year.
Jane Dykes was elected to the positions of Secretary and Membership for one further year.
Christine Reilly and John Shields were elected as Committee Members.

The final business of the meeting was a brief summary and discussion on venues for the 2020 Summer Show. The Committee had looked at various locations throughout Dereham, but on closer analysis of these various other venues, none seemed as good as The Memorial Hall. Most other venues are too small for the size of the Show or are not as convenient for location or access.

The meeting closed at 19.55 hours and was followed by an engaging talk all about Trees by Jim Paine of Walnut Tree Nurseries.